Duties, skills and requirements for CNAs

Certified nursing assistants are a very important part of medical and recovery teams. They are the closest bond to the patient because they are closer to them than anybody else.


Their main duties include assisting closely with the patient’s daily activities. Among those, they help them bathing, showering, eating, and some times even going to the bathroom.

Some times you might be required to obtains urine, stool, saliva, or any other kind of sample that may be need it to be taken to the lab. However, you will not be cleared to obtain blood directly or to deal with catheters.


The main skills required to be in this field are to be patient and willing to help out other people. If you are the type of person with those qualifications, then you are more than half way into it.

You must be a persone that can communicate perfectly both orally and written. The reason for this is because you will be the link between patients, nurses, and doctors. You will be reporting everything you see such as food and liquid intakes, and inform if the patient is properly going to the toilet, at least regularly.


nursing historyGetting trained for nursing assistant is relatively easy specially if you compare it with becoming a registered nurse (RN), PRN, or LVN. The main difference between getting a certificate and a bachelor is that you can get certified really fast. If you are really on a hurry you can get certified in about 4 weeks. That’s if you attend classes five days a weeks. On the other hand, you can take things slowly and finish the course in 6 months. In order to do it that way, you can take classes just once a week for about 6 hours.

During training courses you will be taught to properly read vital signs. That includes reading blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate.

You will also learn about the proper manners of dealing with patients and certain situations. Specifically how not to get into legal issues yourself and the institution you are working for.

There are different ways of taking the courses. The main one, and more popular, is the in-class course. It is liked by many because you get to practice everything you learn right away. You must also pass a course that will be taken at the end. You will be under the supervision of a registered nurse most likely, and you will be performing with a real patient, in real facility. You will have the opportunity to show your qualities and demonstrate that you are ready to be left on your own with a patient.

The costs for enrolling in cna training can start in the $500 dollars in some locations. And it can go up to $2000 in some rare cases. You should probably be aiming for something around the $700-$800

The course will include tuition, uniforms, books, exams, background checks and pretty much everything that is related to finishing the course.

You will be required to pass an exam at the end in order to receive your certification from local authorities.

Once you start working you can expect to get paid starting at $10 per hour and up to $15, depending on your state of residence.

Overall, it is the perfect way of starting in nursing, particularly in healthcare. If you believe you enjoy what you do, or you just want to earn more money, you can always continue your education and later become a registered nurse or other kind of nurse.

So what are some qualities that make a good cna nurse?

Even more importantly, children must be taught that each individual is produced uniquely by God. A child who learns that he is produced by God preferably finds value in himself. This idea ideally carries more than to how a kid views other people, realizing that everybody is produced in God’s picture.

For numerous aged individuals, it is covered by Medicare. The exact coverage is dependent on the nature of the medical problem that the individual is suffering from and the severity of the medical condition. Consulting your business and talking about your protection in advance is recommended.

nurses in hospital

You will transfer around a lot as a house healthcare nurse. Your patients will most likely be situated in various parts of the metropolis. You will have to map out your route to their homes as you strategy your day and generate from one location to an additional to service them. You must have good reliable transportation as your function will require considerable travel time. Most companies do compensate you for mileage, and some agencies even have their personal company vehicles for you to use.

Health treatment ought to be a basic human right, especially in such a wealthy nation. Everyone who needs healthcare therapy should obtain it. This nation ought to not tolerate anybody becoming denied health care because of to lack of cash, or absence of well being insurance. Well being insurance is too expensive for numerous individuals to pay for. Even middle course working households can’t afford it. “Health treatment costs are extremely higher for uninsured families. 1 incident or sudden well being disaster can monetarily devastate a family.

Expected wages for a CNA

That gives you a rough idea on what to expect when it comes down to cna salary on average across the country. It might not be much, but at least it lets you have a decent living with not much education.

Nurses need to be able to believe fast, anticipate requirements, prioritize and be adaptable. In order to perform you must be very organized. The smallest mistakes could trigger medical errors possibly costing somebody their lives. Think about this point seriously. If you are a person that “wouldn’t be in a position to find their head if it weren’t connected to their body”, you may want to think about an additional occupation. If alter, or demanding situations place you into a panic situation may be tough. Nurses learn CPR and are in the front lines of bringing people back again to life. Is this something you can deal with?

As an person, irrespective of our nationalities, colours, religions, gender and standards of lifestyle, we are offered the correct to education. Training is 1 of the most important and is becoming prioritize by everybody simply because without education we remain uncivilized and illiterate.

Any assisting profession gives a certain quantity of fulfillment to the worker. In a war towards diseases, they are the initial to combat and ultimately defeat the bad guys. Even though they might sometimes lose the fight, the success arrives from knowing that somebody was cured and was helped, making his lifestyle better.

This is how to start your new carrer

In this day and age there are several jobs available that don’t require many skills in order to apply for one. You might think those jobs don’t pay well but that is not always the case. There is one career in particular that I am going to present you that is going to make you at least consider it in case you are seeking for a job.

That career opportunity is in the healthcare industry and it not as a doctor or a nurse. Remember that I said it was a job that didn’t require no have skills. That position is known as CNA and it means certified nursing assistant. The duties for these workers are about assisting nurses with their daily working routines.

Before you even consider getting started in this career, there are a couple of things that you should check within yourself. You must be the type of person that likes helping out other people. This is very important because you will be working closely with patients and other hospital personnel. If you don’t have what it takes to be a CNA from the beginning then you are not going to last very long at your job.

Keys to new career in healthcare

These are the steps to follow in your career

If you believe this is the type of career for you and you want to know how to become a CNA then there are just a few easy steps you need to follow. The first thing is that you need to be look for schools that offer cna training in your local area like community colleges and private schools. There is a chance they will require a background check before getting started for some instances.

Once you get enrolled, you will learn a few basic nursing stuff that include checking on vital signs. Taking the patient temperature and measuring blood pressure are among the things you will be doing every day at work. You will learn the good ways of lifting heavy things like people in order for you to not get hurt. It is essential that you also learn how to stay out of trouble when it comes to law suits and that legal stuff.

At the end of the course you will be required to pass a couple of important tests. One of them will be a written one that covers everything you were taught during the course. And the other one will be as an actual practice that involves a patient at a facility. There you will be overlooked by nurses that will evaluate your performance and decide if you are ready for the task. If you pass these two, then you will receive your accreditation.

You will then be placed at a state registry that completely validates that you are officially in the healthcare industry. The next step is for you to go look for jobs. You can apply at nursing facilities, hospitals, daycare centers, communities for the elderly, rehabilitation clinics and facilities of that kind.

Your new career in healthcare as nursing assistant

If you are looking to begin a career in the health care industry you must know nowadays is way easier to achieve. You don’t have to become a doctor or a a nurse if you want to get involved in the field. There is a career that you might no have heard before that is called certified nursing assistant,or CNA.

Working at Hospital

This will be you new hospital when you start working

CNA’s dutieswill be in some kind of way similar to the ones nurses perform. I say in “some sort of way” because you will not be authorized to administer medications on your own. However, you will be dealign with patients directly for a good part of a working day. Amongst some of the duties you can expect include, feeding, changing clothes, dressing up, moving around, reposition and functioning as a very important part of the communication between the patient and doctors or nurses. You will be in charge of informing the personnel above you, what kind of medications they are taking and the amount they did. You will do the same with the intake of food and fluids.

Requirements to become a nurse helper

In order to become a nurse aid you only require a few things. One of them is you need to pass the GED in case ¬†you didn’t get your diploma from High School, and also you will be required to take a course that will prepare you for your new job. Finding the right CNA training classes is not very difficult. You can easily get enrolled in courses with community colleges, American Red Cross offices and private schools of course. Just be very careful to check that whatever school you decide to attend is properly certified and recognized by your state’s ¬†nursing board. This simply because you might be mislead with some free or online CNA courses and even though you will learn stuff, it will not be enough to start working as such.

Nursing assistant salary expectations

Nurse's office

This is what you have obviously been waiting for. We mention that it is easy to get into healthcare and you might be expecting high salaries as soon as you hear that. However, as a CNA you will be pretty much at the bottom of the “food chain”. I’m telling you so you don’t get surprised and feel somewhat bumped. The salary you can expect as a CNA will start around the $22 thousand dollars a years and it could go as high as $35 thousand depending where you live. The places you can expect to work if you are still interested include hospitals, nursing facilities, nursing homes for the elder, clinics, private homes and any place that might need assistant with patients. All interested people shall poses good team work skills since they will be required to work directly with nurses and medics. The other quality they need is to like to work with sick and old people. It is no secret that CNAs work all of their time helping out the ones that need it the most. That’s why they are call nurse assistants in the first time. If you are interested in more information regarding CNA training, you can go to www.CNAtrainingHQ.org